Construct 3 music

2017-05-19 00:43:56 by DJ-DG

Hey guys,

I can make music for your Construct 3 project if you give me a request, and you are also allowed to use any of my existing pieces for your games provided that you give me credit by mentioning my name and putting a link to my NG page if you happen to use them.




Music for those who need it [free!]

2017-04-25 08:52:31 by DJ-DG

Hi guys,

I have decided to take requests for background music and scores for various things like games, videos, animations, and the like. I'll do it for free, but it may take some time as I don't have so much time. You can use my attempt for free, provided you credit me for my work.

Hopefully I get some requests, I am waiting for an opportunity....


P.S. I have a very busy schedule, so if there is any delay in any sort of request, then I sincerely apologize! Thanks for understanding!

Hi to everyone!

2016-11-07 00:18:52 by DJ-DG

Hello! I am DJ-DG, a 15-year-old music composer from Chennai, India and I am finally on Newgrounds! Hopefully someone will check me out...